EEEZEEE 1 Pc Foldable Silicone Strainers Collapsible Colander with Handle Space-Saver Folding Strainers Colander BPA Free Food Drain Colander Perfect Kitchen Random Color


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Silicone collapsible foldable colander with handles and holes on side can be hanged on, It do not take up much room in your kitchen cupboards.Bottom wear-resistant non-slip design durable

High Temperature Resistance : Food-Grade Kitchen Strainer, Heat resistant up to 158oF/70oC,Non-slip handles smooth on all surfaces

It is easy and quick to drain water from fruits and vegetables.Kitchen colander works for fruit, spaghetti, pasta, broccoli,

Bottom wear-resistant non-slip design, easy to use.

dishwasher safe.



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Dimensions 40 × 25 × 9 cm


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