EEEZEEE Waterproof IR Wireless Blinking Flashing CCTV False Outdoor CCD Fake Dummy Security Camera


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Dummy Security Cameras can be used to augment your existing security system by creating the impression that you have more camera coverage than is actually installed. They can also be used to temporarily replace faulty cameras in case spares are not available while repairs are being performed. This dummy camera is designed to look like a silver, wired IR bullet camera and includes a flashing red LED to indicate camera activity. The square base is suited for mounting on a vertical surface and can be adjusted for the correct camera orientation.

  • Scare intruders away with this realistic looking fake imitation dummy CCTV camera
  • Red blinking LED light makes it appear to work just like a real security camera.
  • Use for both indoor and outdoor, wall mounted bracket and fixings.
  • Excellent deterrent for thieves, suitable for used indoors, like home or office, warehouse, shop, etc.
  • Quick and Easy to install, No wiring required. Works with 2 x AA Size Batteries (Not Included)

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Dimensions 23 × 12 × 3 cm


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